Thursday, February 19, 2009

I wish I was inside her head.

I would have loved to be inside of Tinker's head yesterday as we waited for her to be wheeled off to surgery. Her Dad, RosieD, and me all waiting in one room, loving and doting on her. I was a tad late in arrival, on purpose, to the hospital. I figured they could get her settled in and deal with the 1st set of tears and I didn't want her to feel overwhelmed by all of us doting on her. Cause, seriously, with RosieD, it's all about who is more loving blah blah blah.

I sprinted across the parking lot, waited for 5 mins. at the check in desk, held my breath, and when the receptionist finally asked me, "Can I help you?" I was relieved. She didn't even have to ask my name. She said, "You're Tinker's Mom aren't you? She told me to look for a Mommy with purple hair." All I could do was laugh......purple hair! My hair is anything but purple. It is a running inside joke between me and Tinker though.

I got to her room and there she was clutching her stuffed animals. RosieD immediately apologized to me for Tinker's calling my hair purple. I just chuckled and Tinker giggled. She was nervous, she was brave, it was Roo's angel anniversary day. Driving to the hospital, I had so many memories flood my mind. The early morning doctor and specialist visits. The early morning admissions for surgery and testing. It was hard to not think of all those things and my Roo. But, I needed to be as strong as I could for Tinker.

The surgery was short and successful. Tinker was a loop in recovery. RosieD tried to exert her control over me and I did not budge. I was there for Tinker, I was not leaving her side, no matter how much she pushed and prodded me. I chuckled again when the nurses asked her to leave because she was too loud and in the way. I chuckled when the ENT went over all post-op instructions while staring straight at RosieD and the Ex, twirled on his foot, and winked at me.

Tinker and I got home and took a nice rest together before Blue came home from school. She was still loopy when we laid down and cuddled. I asked her if she was nervous having all of us there. She said, "Noooope. RosieD never talks to me like that at Dada's house though. EVER." I asked her if she liked the way RosieD talked to her before and after surgery. Tinker said, "Yeeep." It saddens me to know that it was all just a show. RosieD has shared with me before how she is intimidated by my exceptional Mothering skills. LOL She needs to find some self-esteem.

I cuddled my Tinker, I tickled her back, I played with her hair, as she fell fast asleep all curled up with me. I smelt her sweet innocence, I ran my hand across her still baby smooth cheek, I thought about my "purple" hair. Mostly, I thanked God, this is her last surgery, she's with me till Sunday, and every night and everyday, I'll be showering her with all kinds of Mommy love, not because I have to, not because I feel I need to live up to this notion of Motherhood, only because she's my Tinker, my own unique, precious, brave, big hearted, loving, little girl.

Btw, no more martinis, I've cut myself off.........but still......


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