Saturday, January 17, 2009

I will PRAY........

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Today, I picked Tinker Tot up from school, and she was crying. When I asked her why...again she said.. "Dada and RosieD said bad things about you." I was expecting this to happen eventually since I have not been reacting to RosieD's struggle to control me. There were the nasty words shouted at me the other night, they've been bouncing around in my head, and I've been wondering if my Tinker heard them.

I had to make a difficult decision tonight and decided not to see Tinker for the next 2 weeks. I WILL NOT have my daughter in the middle of something they should be handling as adults. I will not react with anger or show them my frustration. I will miss Tinker with every fiber of my very being but, I feel this is what's best for her at the moment because.........this way.....whether I'm the bad guy or not.......she doesn't feel like she has to tell me........she doesn't have to get in my car after school, cry, and tell me Dada and RosieD said mean words. She doesn't have to cry, beg, and plead for me not to tell RosieD because she's afraid of getting in trouble.

I know there was a time I needed to have all control in my life. Because, I was so unhappy with myself. Losing Roo changed me, Blue Bell being happy again changed me. I know ex-idiot could not stand the control I tried to exert over him daily when we were married........I wonder if I am out of the equation and they really have to look at themselves.......if it will make a difference. I know in the short term, I will be branded the mother who doesn't care.......the bad mother.......they'll say I only think about Blue Bell........but as I sat holding my little Tinker crying in my arms today.......I know in my heart....... in the long run.......there will be peace. If I have to take the brunt of it so be it........but Tinker won't be getting in my car after school crying her little eyeballs out, she'll be safe from the feelings of being in the middle, or feeling like she has to tell me, even though I've told her I don't need to know everything that happens at Dada's house. IT's OK not to tell me about the bad words said about me... I talked to her about not seeing her....about just being at Dada's for a bit, and the tears stopped...she sighed in relief. I grew up in a divorced home...filled with angry words, used as a pawn by both my parents to hurt each other. I won't do that to Tinker. I won't let her feel that push and pull, feel the need to tell me things to feel loyal to me and then turn around and tell her Dada things so she feels loyal to him....She always leads her Dada to believe she doesn't have fun with me....because then well, Dada buys her ummm a HORSE! I won't contribute to her learning to be more manipulative. She was relieved..RELIEVED..when I asked her what she thought about taking a little break. It's exhausting emotionally on every level. I sent her to live with her Dada and RosieD when Roo was dying. I made the unselfish choice to do what I thought was in her best interests at the time. I didn't want her to be scared, be scarred, from witnessing Roo's painful death....but I didn't anticipate any of this. I didn't anticipate this emotional turmoil being released on her by her Dada and RosieD. I have a plan, it will take time, I have a goal, it will take patience.....for now my little 6yr old needs a break....and if I'm the one that has to be unselfish and take the emotional blows not seeing her...well...I can do it. For 2 weeks.

I've been called insane, a piece of shit, a bad mother, but I have yet to utter one mean spirited word in their direction. I won't sink to their level of playing dirty. Instead, I will do as I have always done since Roo died. I will pray.

and those prayers.....they will be's been a long time since I wrote this....8 months.....who knew that over these 8 months things would get so much worse....and then.....SO MUCH BETTER!!!


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