Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Finding Balance Part 1

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Finding Balance part 1
Finding balance is proving to more challenging lately. I have 2 wonderful, amazing, beautiful, and brilliant daughters. For 2 1/2yrs they were sharing their childhood together, day in, day out. Then Roo came along and all of our lives were tossed upside down and all around and this Mommy had to make some pretty tough choices. I've had to make some pretty hard decisions over the past 3 yrs and some of them have been really great for my girls and others well not so great.
Blue Bell, wow, what a smart little whippersnapper that kid is. I'll never forget the day she asked me if Roo was going to die. We didn't even have a dx for Roo yet but Blue she just knew in her heart that something wasn't right. Blue had such a strong connection and bond with Roo it surpasses anything in life I've ever seen between 2 people. She was the 1st one to get Roo to smile. Roo didn't smile until she was about 6 months old and when she started well it was a lot of effort and goofiness to get her to do it again. Blue was also the 1st one to get Roo to laugh, somewhere between 7 and 8 months old. I was in the other room and thought Roo was crying. I knew Blue Bell had something to do with that noise I was hearing and came storming into the living room to find Blue laying next to her sissie, singing to her, and Roo laughing up a storm. What an exciting day!!!!! I said BB, how did you do that?????? Well Mommy I just sang her Twinkle Twinkle it always gets me and Tinker to laugh and smile when you sing it silly. Roo, the schooch that she is (I hate saying was) would only smile the 1st time we would sing it to her. If you weren't there in the room when someone started singing the song and thought you could get another smile you were wrong. Just once, that's it no repeat. So, us girls, being the strong-willed girlies we are got out all our bells and whistles and did everything silly you could imagine and before you knew it Roo was laughing and smiling alllllllllll the time. Finally, after months of waiting for her cooing, smiling, laughing, things that all should have happened in the 1st months of her life, all came together, and it was amazing and beautiful.
Well, as usual I digress. I was going to write about this past weekend and having to chose between doing this or that to make the Tinker happy or Blue. Didn't know all that stuff about Roo was going to come out but there it is. F*Lushhhhhhhhhh

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