Wednesday, December 31, 2008


  • Jan. I started to become more "me." Stronger, determined, happy, making people laugh, and giving.
  • Feb. RosieD aka. controlling new wife of ex....started to become jealous of my new found strength and self. Blue achieved success in gymnastics, school, and overcoming her grief. Tinker Tot became VERY clingy and confirmed Blue's 2 step theory.
  • March I meant to go to Roo's grave to do something special for her 2 yr Angel Day but we had a HUGE snowstorm. My friend gave me a gift of some of her video's set to music. We cried, had cake, and talked about our fav. memories. Ex and RosieD went on a European Vaca leaving Tinker Tot with me for 12 days.
  • April Tinker Tot turned 6, Blue Bell turned 7, and I turned 32. Blue had her 1st Bday party in of my most fav memories of this year.
  • May Lots of gym meets....Blue shocking me more in her competitive spirit. More awards for her gymnastics and amazing academic success.
  • June RosieD finally showed her true colors and for the 1st time in my life I nearly knocked someone out. Well, that would have been hard, she does weigh more then 200lbs more then me. Tinker's soccer game, 50 people, a screaming match, and a panic attack later, I knew what I didn't want to believe was true. I "had" a close friend, best friend, helping to raise my daughter, that was jealous, that didn't like seeing me be strong and getting over my grief and was determined to keep me down. Haha, little did she know.
  • July Nationals for gymnastics with Blue, beaming, wonderful, beautiful memories. Blue and I spent a week alone and our bond as mother and daughter became even stronger if that's possible.
  • August Realized that Tinker was becoming a negative result of divorce and 2 homes and decided now was the time. Court battle here we come
  • Sept. Blue started a new school, Tinker started 1st grade, I continued with my volunteering helping to strengthen myself and give to those around me.
  • Oct. HALLOWEEN!!! our favorite holiday. Spent with Blue, Tinker, Aunt. T. and cousins. We are becoming more of a family of 3 and healing.
  • Nov. 1st court hearing regarding Tinker. nerves, I nearly passed out in the courthouse, Guardian appointed for attorney asks.."Why are we not going for full custody?" I decided to start a blog. Sharing what I have written in the past...and the present.
  • Dec. Roo's 5th Bday, many old and new relationships strengthened, xmas....PERFECT..except for the ringworm and the ex-idiot and RosieD.
  • New Year's Eve....drinking my 3rd martini about to go to a party full of people I don't know...that's a HUGE step, hello social anxiety, no I'm not driving, just wondering about this negative post, missing Tinker, wanting to strangle RosieD for her manipulative ways and not letting ex-idiot talk to me after the Guardian had a talk with both of us about communicating without RosieD.
  • Tomorrow, Jan. 1, 2009, new year without Roo and new post about all the positives about 2008 and my goals for this year.



Ben and Bennie said...

Happy New Year! Sorry I missed your "shot" invitation last night. I did have plenty of champagne though.

F*Lush said...

Happy New Year to you! I never did have a virtual shot either. Just some Coors light and lots of kraut and kielbasa. LOL.